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By sbatalla

OC Parks’ First LEED Building

On 01, Apr 2014 | In Community, LEED, Parks | By sbatalla

Irvine Regional Park Maintenance Yard Office Building

Project Information

It is only fitting that Orange County’s first park would also be home to the park system’s first LEED Certified building. Sustaining Irvine Regional Park’s unique beauty into perpetuity requires a massive maintenance effort that is led by a team of dedicated, well trained maintenance personnel. To match the level of commitment put forth by the parks maintenance staff, it was decided that a first class maintenance yard and office building would be constructed to replace functionally obsolete structures, many of which were more than 60 years old. Once it was decided that a new maintenance yard would be constructed, obtaining a LEED Certification became an obvious choice to ensure that the new facility would be water and energy efficient, would be constructed out of sustainable materials, that the natural setting would be considered and honored, and that the indoor environment would promote optimum efficiency from the employees. An integrative design approach was adapted to ensure that the finished product is a structure that the park system will be proud of for decades to come.

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