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By sbatalla

‘Precious Cargo’ Modular Furniture Installation in Long Beach

On 20, May 2016 | In Community, Education, Public Art | By sbatalla

Two of our designers, Shelby Batalla and Helen Cheuk, were recently awarded a Placemaking Grant from Long Beach Placemaking Manager, Sean Warner and the Downtown Long Beach Associates Public Realm Committee. Out of 54 applications only five grants were given.

Applicants were asked for ideas that would increase safety, and beautify, or alter the Downtown Long Beach public landscape in ways that would benefit the local community. Shelby and Helen proposed to introduce a dynamic and creative urban furniture collection along Pine Avenue between Ocean Boulevard and E. Shoreline Drive to add visual interest and create a cohesive pedestrian experience along this underutilized corridor.

‘Precious Cargo,’ is a modular system with four standard units. Collectively, this unique installation creates an urban treasure map that visually guides pedestrians toward places of interest. The modular units are also designed to be used as seating, bike racks, and signage. Solar collectors will harvest energy from the sun and illuminate the pieces at night. Wayfinding messages will be branded onto the upcycled wooden pallets using pyrography giving the furniture a distinctive cargo-like look that speaks to Long Beach’s nautical and industrial history.

‘Precious Cargo’ Modular Furniture Installation in Long Beach